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Understanding the value of data for your dealership

Dealerships are going through turbulent times, so creating competitive advantage is critical. Understanding the value of data for your dealership can place you in a favorable position in the market.

Leveraging the data available to you

The process of buying a car has drastically changed since the arrival of the internet. The digitalization of processes has given consumers new ways to receive relevant information, reach out to the dealership, etc. The decision making process of a potential customer is being influenced by many externalities, such as online reviews or video's. As a dealer, you need to stay relevant in this changing environment by consciously using available data.

Often, dealers have a lot of data available, but rarely make full use of it because they do not know what to do with it. Data can be a scary concept for some, but when understood it can offer valuable insights. Discovering certain trends and patterns during the customer journey can be interesting and might explain why some campaigns do not work. It all starts with making sure you understand and map out each touchpoint within the customer journey. This exercise will make it easier to understand the customer itself, but also to discover what data might be valuable for each phase. With this approach, future marketing campaigns or promotions will be more successful because you know your customer and what they expect and you can target them very specifically.

A personalized customer experience beyond basic data

The customer is and remains king. Customers expect a personalized treatment throughout the process. When leveraging data, personalization becomes a much easier task for a dealership. This digital-dominated customer journey does not have to be intimidating, and can be facilitated with the available data. Which also allows for building a relationship with your customers and ultimately boosting your sales. As mentioned earlier, each touchpoint in the customer journey has to be taken into account to approach your customers at the right time with the right content. A 360 degree view of your customer ensures that customers get the service they expect, and that their needs and expectations are met. It comes down to getting to know your customer and reflecting this in your communication to them. Embrace digitalization and aim for a seamless customer journey.

It goes far beyond a personal greeting, and even during the after-sales process, personalization plays a huge role. Considering the amount of connected vehicles today, adapting the experience of driving with a car to the preferences of each customer will become the norm. From receiving an annual maintenance reminder to setting the temperature just right when getting into the car. Customers expect these functionalities to be there in the very near future. When you provide a next level customer experience, the customer will repay you by returning to your dealership, becoming a loyal customer, encouraging others to buy their car from you, etc.

Let the right data tools make your job easier

Choosing the right tool to capture, process, interpret, manage and display your data is important. Let us help you with leveraging your customer's data with OttoBee. We believe in the power of dealerships in their direct contact with the customer. To keep up with the changes and remain a competitive player in the market, we built an efficient data connectivity solution. Our OttoBee platform allows the mobility partners to streamline and optimize all their internal processes while keeping their customers top of mind. Being on top of your (customer) data has never been more important.

Feel free to contact us for more information, together we find the solution that best fits your needs.


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